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    For 10 years on the Ukrainian market, the company LHB conducted a lot of research and received all the necessary certificates for its products. Today we offer you proven technologies, high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, qualified professionals and the shortest possible time. Building a house of straw panels takes no more than 10 days.

    How straw houses are built?

    The basis of ecological housing is straw panels. Each panel consists of a wooden frame filled with highly compressed straw.

    • Each panel is manufactured under the control of engineers and technologists, who closely monitor the quality of raw materials, compliance with technological standards and the correct geometry of the panels.
    • According to research conducted by our company, eco-houses have the longest service life, in contrast to houses made of traditional materials. One eco-house can serve 5 generations, while maintaining energy efficiency and safety for the environment.

    Eco-houses are designed to reduce pollution by reducing the use of gas, coal and wood. Ecological and energy-efficient homes today are not just a fashion trend, but a contribution to the preservation of nature and to ensuring one’s own energy independence.

    Humanity is concerned about the state of the environment and the growing volumes of electricity consumption. The depletion of natural resources leads to a constant increase in energy prices, which already now noticeably beats the budget of even wealthy families. Ecological houses made of wood, clay and straw solve two problems at once: they reduce the level of energy consumption and allow the use of alternative sources of electricity production, safe for nature and free for residents.

    In USA and many European countries over the past few years, the profitability of investments in straw bale housing has increased significantly. For example, in Germany more than 6,000 heat-efficient eco-houses have already been built.

    In fact, modern methods of building ecological and energy-efficient homes are the advanced technologies of our ancestors. Driven to the ideal, these technologies allow you to build houses, maintaining a comfortable climate in which requires minimal costs.

    See more about technology on our channel.

    We develop and create building technologies that are safe for nature and useful for humanity. We introduce energy-efficient systems and build ecological houses that allow us to maintain a healthy microclimate, beneficial to human health, preserve the environment around, save on heating and electricity.

    Want to build an energy efficient eco-house?

    Contact us and we will help you design and build your perfect home.


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