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  • Straw wall panels SWP

    Taking into account constant rise in energy prices and difficult environmental situation in the world, our company set itself the goal of bringing private house building to a new qualitative level. We faced a difficult task, to create a highly efficient, affordable and natural building material, which should have ease of installation and high durability.


    • In the production of panels, we use rye straw with a moisture content of not more than 12%, dry calibrated pine timber, impregnated with fire-fighting and antiseptic composition, moisture resistant plywood of the 1st grade and high-strength self-tapping screws.
    • Equipment for the panels production gives us the opportunity to obtain high precision parts and uniform quality pressing.
    • Rye straw contains negligible amount of nutrients, therefore it is not interesting for insects and rodents, and in combination with dense pressing and lime plaster, reduces to nothing the likelihood of unwanted “tenants”.


    The range of standard elements and the ability to manufacture individual panels allows to realize most daring projects.

    The walls of such house are quickly and easily assembled and, subject to the attached instructions, will serve you for at least 75 years.

    • Our company is ready to perform turnkey works or make installation supervision of all phases of construction.

    Ecohouse finishing

    Finishing options can be very different, the only condition – all layers must be vapor-permeable and do not contain harmful substances.

    For a single-storey house of 100 m2, the installation time for walls and finishing takes 12-15 working days.

    Exterior finishing


    Interior finishing

    Panels assembly technology

    junction points of panels

    Straw panels ensure the reliability of steam, heat and noise insulation through the use of high-quality environmental materials and computer-aided design of all elements of the future home.

    Choose your bio-positive house project from the SWP panels among house projects or already completed projects.


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