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  • Straw bale house in Dnipro city 2015

    Energy-saving ecohouse of straw panels.

    Our experts have been building houses for more than a year, so they have a ton of finished projects on their accounts. No need to wrestle with what kind of housing to choose – everything is in front of you. Look at the photos on the website, you can be sure that the eco-house is an original and noteworthy solution.

    Why it makes sense to order house project from already built projects?

    • Because, the development is already fully made, all its details are calculated, almost perfectly arranged, thoroughly tested and ready for implementation;
    • Because the existing projects we have, for the most part, have already been implemented in practice. In fact, the use of straw blocks as a material for the manufacture of the frame of buildings at this stage is no longer something extraordinary. What is such a construction solution was just a few years ago. Houses made according to our projects can already be found in most regions of Ukraine. To the extent that you can see with your own eyes on them in your area of ​​residence;
    • Because it will cost the customer cheaper. In any kind of activity, a product that has entered mass production is always cheaper than its counterpart, which has been custom-made;
    • Because the project, which has already been tested in practice, has been calculated in terms of construction time and is devoid of the risks inherent in the implementation of new developments.

    And nevertheless, your house will be exclusively your house with all set of individual lines and features which you want to give to it. They can be made at the stage of project approval, and you can continue to make after the construction of the finished frame of straw panels in the later stages of finishing.


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