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  • Ecohouses design

    LHB company is not limited to the production of straw panels and the construction of eco houses. In our team there are architects and designers who create projects of houses, taking into account the wishes of the client.

    More than 150 projects have already been built out of them, 51 of the straw panels, the more projects are planned to build in the near future and your new eco-house can be included to the list of successful LHB projects.

    On our website you can browse the catalog of popular projects in order to understand for yourself how your future bio positive house will look.

    The design of the eco-house consists of:

    • conceptual design – planning with the arrangement of furniture;
    • the working project consisting of architectural and constructive parts;
    • engineering section, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning at home; water supply and sanitation; power supply and electric lighting;
    • interior design project;
    • general design project of a country house (cottage) with reference to the site.

    Together with the project you get all the necessary documentation and consultation support on each stage. We are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to embody any of your ideas, either it a townhouse with a garage, a cottage with a mansard roof or a winter garden.

    In the creation of each eco-house project, architects take into account the features of your site, because it is important to calculate in advance the influence of the relief and the nature of the soil on the future structure, so that your new home is strong, stable and reliable.

    An example of a project of a biopositive energy-efficient house BPH, developed by Life House Building


    Our architects will develop for you an individual eco-house project in compliance with all the rules of energy-efficient construction.

    If you already have a finished house project, but it is designed for traditional building materials and construction methods – our architects will quickly and efficiently adapt it for environmental technology.

    Choosing a project of your future home, you can choose 1-2 of the proposed ones, which can be combined into one ideal eco-house for you. If none of the projects in the catalog are to your liking, you can always order the development of an individual project, according to all your wishes.

    After reviewing all the standard options, contact our manager to ask questions, specify the necessary additions or order the development of an individual project.

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